Victoria’s rant

We live in a cruel fucked up world where moms kill kids because they have a bad day, children get left in cars because the parent forgot about the child, and neglecting to take care of your child is more common! As I mom of two I have rough days, I won’t say I’m perfect because I am very far from it, but when it comes to my flesh and blood, there is never an excuse to mistreat and abuse them!

We live in a cruel fucked up world where moms kill kids because they have a bad day, children get left in cars because the parent forgot about the child, and neglecting to take care of your child is more common! As I mom of two I have rough days, I won't say I'm perfect because I am very far from it, but when it comes to my flesh and blood, there is never an excuse to mistreat and abuse them!

For women who have to read about the neglect of a child and cannot have children I can only imagine your thoughts, why was that woman even a mother! Hell I ask myself the same question! I am pro life 100%! Sure rare instances where something awful happens I understand the choice the mother must make but basically if you have a baby it's your job as it's mother to do what is the very best for that child!!

I will never understand how someone can say I never wanted my kids anyway! Then allow someone who would appreciate and adore that child a chance! If your not ready to be a mom then don't fucking become one!! There are things to prevent pregnancy if your having sex and you end up pregnant that is on your fault!! Not the child! Why is it so many babies, toddlers, and children have to loose there life because your not mentally stable! I always see a million excuses she had and how depression is a disease!!! I live life with depression! Seek help! Stop murdering your children!

I am so so sick and tired of hearing constantly how a mother who once adored her child for got her kid in the car!! It's your baby! How the hell do you forget!!! How in the hell do you not notice that your child missing!!! I could go on but lord!!! Knows I'm pray everyday that children don't endure that life!! Bless those babies who have been lost to excuses and neglect!

Rant over!

How free is free??

How free are we truly?

How free are we truly?




I am an American, who lives in a country that is supposedly free, but is it really?

My husband brought to me this topic, and I am going to share my views here, so bear with me as this can and probably will get lengthy.


In America we have this special thing knows as amendments to our constitution basically sharing with us as Americans what our rights and freedoms are. Like freedom of speech, or the right to bear arms, freedom of the press and so on, but just how freely can we use these without some repercussions of their usage?

Let me explain, we have the freedom of speech, and sure we can say what we want to, but it can land you in trouble with the law, or get you banned for speaking your mind or opinion. Social media is the worst when it comes to free speech, a hate speech as wrong as it is, is still protected under freedom of speech but is still banned, and removed, speaking your mind with any topic is your first amendment right, be you speak out about the president of the united states, or how much you hate your neighbor next door because they throw parties.

We live in a country where you get back lash for not standing for the pledge of allegiance or our national anthem, which is your right to do so if we live in a “free” country then why is it people get so angry when you exercise that right? You’ll hear things like its un-American and they don’t belong here because they are being disrespectful to their country, but should our country be the ones telling us we have to do something if we are free to make our own choices?

We have young men signed up for the draft regardless of there want to, and while I am very patriotic of my country this issue should be spoken on, the draft takes men at an early age and places there name in a hat so they can be called off if there country needs them, which seems fair I mean it’s the least you can do for your country with it being free and all right? Yeah, that doesn’t fit the bill. As a free country we shouldn’t be able to dictate that young Americans have to sign up for something they may or may not believe in. For an example, the war in Vietnam called for a draft, and those selected who didn’t believe in the movement ran from fear of persecution by their own country for not wanting to fight for something they did not believe in.

In America we are free or given the illusion of freedom by being able to do as we please within the guidelines of the ‘RULES’ made by our government, I mean think about it, you can smoke cigarettes but you cannot smoke pot, why because the government claims it is a “drug” however in a free country we wouldn’t exactly fight the peoples want, would we? Sure I understand that we do have rules in place for a reason, but the American people have been brain washed into believing we are so free. However it comes with a price, and that is we don’t speak out against our country and its government.

How many times have you watched the News or heard of an anchor getting fired because he spoke his views and opinions on the air? They were practicing their right to freedom of speech. Nothing wrong with it, until they spoke against the masses.

I have stated time and time again, the youth has woken up and started taking their rights and liberties very literally. Say what you want, print what you will, stand or don’t stand, protest don’t protest, however it has come with backlash and so many saying it is un-American when in fact it is one of the most AMERICAN things you can do, so why are we angry? Why are we constantly fighting those who speak differently, you have countries like North Korea and China, who are dictated to, that have to do everything in the best interest of that country and if not, you end up in prison, just for speaking out on your own government!

Is that what America is coming too? Will we soon be reprimanded for having our own views that go against the grain of the norm? So think about it. Are you as free as you believe?


That friend

So in life you have your high matience friends and low mantience- and what I mean is some friends require more time and effort for there friendship and others are okay with time apart but nothing changes!!

I am what you would consider a low matience friend, I do not go out all the time I dedicate my free time to myself and once in a rare moment hang out with my friends. However it’s not a secret that I’m low maintence, I addressed this in my friendships early on. 

However, I also always seem to meet high matience friend people. Like they are so type A and I’m so not! I like space and to be alone with my thoughts and not have a million moments where I feel I can’t breathe. Sure it sounds rough after all as I handle my friendships I’ve noticed that you have those who claim to be okay with your low mantience mentality and aren’t truly!!

Being open about any relationship is important. Knowing what you want and how you like to handle things is also important. So don’t be that friend!!

Don’t fake that your okay with out relationship, especially if your not. Be open be honest. Friendships can be a wonderful hell they can be life changing. However it take care and understanding. Takes time and honesty!!

So please don’t be that friend!

Blah kinda of a rant blog xo

Don’t be afraid

In my unwanted opinion I feel the young bloods in life have given up on what they dream about. Life comes about and reality hits and we settle for the best we can get. I’m not saying if your life ambition is to be a singer and you can’t carry a tune you should go try and land a record deal but if your ambition is to excel at something you love, have at it!! All my life I have found writing to be my very best way to express myself because first off you don’t get interrupted and secondly it has so much to offer someone if it matters enough. 

Adults go through life settling for the best they feel they can’t get. Be it because they didn’t get the college degree because they didn’t have the tuition or they settled for that part time job that somehow became a career. My life ambition is all over the place, I am very humanitarian so I want what I do to make a difference. For the longest time I wanted to write a story, then I wanted to be a teacher or veterinarian all very reachable goals, yet somehow I have this subconscious voice telling me I can’t. 

Sad thing is most of us carry around this I can’t mentality, when what should be done is pushing against it, turning I can’t into I can! Sure seems silly. Why would I be something I want to be when I can settle for what I have.  Fear, fear is what will stop you every single time. The day you make up  your mind that you want success you will reach it.

There isn’t anything that’s saying your to old to do something if you are 80 and want to be a doctor by all means push to be one. Our greatest gift in this world is knowledge. The statement knowledge is power is true. The more you know the more you grow. 

Successful people didn’t get there without hard work. Ok, those who started from the bottom didn’t get where they where without hard work. Changing your future making more for yourself is something you have to want to do. No one can take the hard and make it easy! Don’t be afraid to fail, failure brings forth the strong because even when they failed the prevailed!

Society Rules


In society today everyone has something to say about everything. From what you should eat to what you should do with your babies! That’s right this post could possibly trigger an argument so please enter at your own risk.

I am a proud mom of two beautiful children. They lead full happy and healthy lives, and I am 100% sure I make mistakes daily. As a mom you are faced with the task of raising another life! You are responsible for 18 years and then as if it ends there. So from the very beginning you are faced with choices, choices that are strictly up to the mom, like whether or not breast feeding is the best for your child, or if your son should be circumcised or is it barbaric, then you also have co sleeping and letting them cry it out, blah, blah, blah and the list goes on.

GUESS what! Your child your choice! I say that to everything but those who oppose vaccinations. Sorry folks I believe all children should get there shots. No question about it, as a mom the pressure is fierce and instead of moms respecting the choice of another mom you have groups and mommy clubs that bash anything that isn’t what they feel is best. So let’s have some fun shall we J

For moms who have been told that breast feeding is the only way and your wrong for choosing an alternative, girl, your child your choice! You have to raise that baby, and you have to make sure it is fed and healthy. Sure we would all like to say we are breast feeding moms, well I tell you what, I did not breast feed either of my kids, *GASP* that’s right I didn’t, I couldn’t, my body didn’t do as it was supposed to so does that mean I am a terrible mom for not breast feeding my child. NOT AT ALL. Both my babies are healthy, babies and happy at that. They hit all there learning curves and made it through all the stages and I used formula. It’s perfectly okay! It is an alternative for a reason! Sure the saying breast is best is a huge thing but when BOOBIES DON’T COOPERATE its not like I have much choice in the matter, and I am not okay with donated breast milk more power to those who can handle it, not all people can…

Then we have the I breast feed my baby in public and the world stares. Breast feeding is a completely normal part of life. It is and I won’t disagree! However, it should also be something where we remain modest. I am not saying you have to stop feeding you baby in public, I understand baby is gotta eat. However they make feeding covers for a reason, nothing wrong with using them. Gives you and your baby some privacy!

These are just a couple of topics that are often bashed and why they are bashed, but needless to say shouldn’t moms be more supportive of other moms? We all have our struggles with parenting. Some moms choose to stay at home and be the full time parent, other moms work until delivery and go right back instead of judging one another build them up. When I take my kids to the park I teach them it is okay to play with other kids, after all it is a place for children to play and interact. I cannot explain to you how many times parents are like FUCKING Rude. They tell their child to move or not to play with another child. If you do not wish to have them socialized then keep them at home!

I will say this topic could go on and on but the basis of this is STOP RIDICULING PARENTING! Not your child not your business. If the child is happy, if they are well taken care of, regardless of how leave them alone! Be a supporter of being a mom. After all she has the child. She spent the hours waiting on this giant part of her life to emerge into the world. How rude can you be to basically bash that mom for doing her best. No this doesn’t always how it goes there are circumstances where others should get involved but, normal day to day. Give a mom a break. I am certain she would appreciate you minding your own business. Just like any normal human being likes having the privacy to do what they please. Kids don’t come with manuals so let’s stop pretending we have a clue!

People Suck

Let’s be honest people suck, from those who are so easily offended, and close minded to those who feel entitled, and the world owes them something!

I dont know about everyone so I wont bother speaking for them but I was raised to be greatful for what I have, I was also taught I was not given anything but it could be earned. I was also taught to respect my peers, and treat others the way I would want to be treated. Well that died somewhere along the way. Life as we know it is full of entitled shit heads who think that by crying or throwing a fit they will get there way, and the sad thing is in this day an age they are not wrong. We have become a country who bows to those who feel entitled. Instead of tough love we more than willingly give into those whiney shit bags who never got a proper lesson on what it means to survive in the real world.

I was told at sixteen it’s time to find a job, my wants became my responsibility. If I wanted to go to the movies, or eat take out I quickly learned that was coming out of my own pocket. My parents sure did not have the means to support both my brother and I and all our wants. Which is fine, because we learned how to prioritize what is important. I also learned quickly, shit isn’t cheap, and things pile up quickly. I also learned to juggle my life between school, extracurricular activities, and my job, and friends. Sounds like anything a typical teen would learn but i hate to say not true. We have made it passed Y2k, terrorist attacks, and our country’s recession only to find that our parents of this decade have raised a bunch of disrespectful, entitled, ignorant spawns. Harsh I dont think so.

We always hear about how so and so isn’t happy with how a class was run so we aren’t going to attend. How that person called me a dumbass and hurt my feelings so I am  now personally victimized by another person because it hurt my feelings. Everyone is a bully, and we as a whole have said yes, to these claims. I grew up and was picked on, just as I am sure many generations before me where, I still grew up as a full functioning member of society. I dont live my life in fear of things said to me. I also know how to work for what I want, as well as take responsibility for my actions. Before I get told I agree with bullying I sure dont, but someone saying you’re ugly, or are stupid, whatever it may be is never going to change, learning to let shit go, well that would save the world a lot of whining.

People suck! Because as a whole we have forgotten how to be adults, we have been given way to much and not earned enough. We speak ignorantly on things and use social media to fan the flame. I assure you if folks were standing on street corners yelling ,”extra extra read all about it” we would be having a different conversation.  Media instagates so much nonsense, also doesn’t help how the news we receive is more for ratings than facts but that’s a blog for another day. All in all, my advice to those who are young and starting families, let’s raise our kids right. Teach them a sense of responsibility and raise them to have tough skin, or else, I feel for the future. People suck now. Let us make our future better.